The Boy Is Mine : Headman Temba Mliswa confirms he sired son with controversial Susan Mutami

The Boy Is Mine : Headman Temba Mliswa confirms he sired son with controversial Susan Mutami

FORMER Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has come out publicly to announce that he indeed is the father to one of controversial socialite Susan Mutami’s offspring.

The long-drawn paternity saw the ex legislator casting aspersions at the Australia-based Mutami, accusing her of lying. Mutami claims having dated high-profile people, including Zanu PF politicians.

Taking to social media, the former lawmaker-turned-headmen expressed his joy for having brought closure to the disputed parternity.

“I have some news for you. After the conducting of DNA tests it has been confirmed that Tinotenda is my son. I’m glad the matter has been brought to a decisive conclusion allowing me, as a parent, to fulfill my duties with clarity & assuredness. Its all I sought for in the matter,” Mliswa wrote on X.

“I’m thankful for all that Susan Mutami did as a single parent in the interim. She has been a capable mother, loves her child and has done very well. I will now step forward to take over as a responsible adult and parent.

“I hope this brings closure to this, as a public matter, allowing us to proceed with the upbringing of this child in privacy. It’s only because of previous public entanglements that I have felt the need to bring closure to it, in the same public, by announcing these results.

“As parents of the child let us respect the future of the child and strive to have commensurate conduct in this matter. Icho ndicho, bhuru rapinda mudanga. Tinovatambira Shumba nerudo mumhuri.”

However, not everyone was excited by the latest news, with a social media user, wellington@greatzimbabwe, accusing Mliswa of traumatising his son.

“Tragic. Imagine the child growing up to adulthood, only to learn he was a victim of DNA controversy and attrition. What an effect it has on the child then. Your duties should have started much earlier, avoiding such conjecture. At times, we create the rebels as parents,” reads the post.

Mutami has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of raping her as a teenager, while she has also gone public over her steamy romance with late 2017 coup announcer, Sibusiso Moyo, who was an army brigadier-general later turned Foreign Affairs minister in the coup

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