Jameson Timba appointed CCC Interim leader

Jameson Timba appointed CCC Interim leader

In a bid to address the leadership crisis within the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction, formerly led by Nelson Chamisa, a Citizen National Assembly was convened on Tuesday. The assembly aimed to delve into the circumstances surrounding Chamisa’s resignation and to discuss the conflicting statements issued by different factions within the party.

One of the key outcomes of the assembly was the appointment of Jameson Timba to head a committee tasked with engaging Nelson Chamisa regarding his unexpected resignation. The committee, mandated to seek clarification on the resignation, expressed its concern, stating that they only became aware of Chamisa’s decision through online sources and had not officially received any communication from him.

This move comes in response to the confusion within the CCC ranks, as various statements emerged claiming leadership transitions. Notably, CCC Spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi had declared himself as the new party leader. However, the Citizen National Assembly dismissed Mkwananzi’s assertions, labeling them as unfounded and unauthorized.
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Source – Byo24News

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