Love-triangle triple-murder accused denied bail, ‘denies all charges’
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Love-triangle triple-murder accused denied bail, ‘denies all charges’

An alleged on-the-run killer who had been living in Ireland under an assumed name has ‘denied all charges’ after appearing in court in Zimbabwe.

Peter Dube was formally charged in court yesterday in connection with an alleged ‘love triangle’ murder on April 22, 2021 which sent shockwaves across the African country.

The former car dealer was accused of two counts of murder and two of attempted murder amid heavy security as he appeared before the Gweru Magistrates Court today.

After the murders, Dube went on the run to South Africa before making his way to Europe.

He was ultimately discovered living under the assumed name, Xolile Mtsali, in a West Dublin.

The African businessman had been housed at an asylum centre in West Dublin when arrested by gardai on June 14 last year.

Yesterday, Dube denied all the charges during his first appearance in court.

During the brief hearing, Dube was told he was have to apply to the High Court if he was looking for bail .

He was remanded in custody until April 17 for a further court appearance.

According to allegations presented in court, Dube is said to have fatally shot Shelton Chiduku on April 22, 2021, at Bensam Flats along Main Street in Gweru.

It is claimed the fatal shooting occurred after Dube accused Shelton Chiduku of having an affair with his wife, Nyasha Nharingo.

After allegedly gunning down Shelton Chiduku, Dube allegedly also shot dead his wife’s best friend, Gamuchirai Mudungwe.

He is also alleged to have shot his wife Nyasha Nharingo and her sister Nyaradzo Nharingo who both survived.

Nyasha Nharingo sustained a gunshot wound to her right cheek, with the bullet causing further damage as it travelled through her neck and shoulder.

Similarly, Nyaradzo Nharingo, Dube’s sister-in-law, survived the ordeal after being treated for injuries sustained above her left ear, which resulted in the loss of her left eye.

After the shooting, Dube is believed to have fled to neighbouring South Africa before relocating to Eswatini.

Local media has reported that while in Eswatini, Dube changed his identity to Xolile Mtsali before travelling to Ireland where he sought asylum.

“His luck ran out while he was in Ireland and he was arrested in June this year for violating that country’s immigration laws,” reported last year.

Dube was then deported to Mozambique by Irish officials after he claimed that he was a Mozambican using identity and travel documents with the false name Armando Quenete Muchanga.

However, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, together with Interpol, discovered he had faked his identity, and he was later arrested in that country.

This week, Dube was flown back to Zimbabwe, having been deported from Mozambique for falsifying national identity and passport documents, where he is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and violating immigration laws.

He was immediately arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport and placed in handcuffs in what was described as a “significant breakthrough in the case,” according to local media reports.

“Peter Dube has not been extradited but has been deported from Mozambique due to fake identity and travel documents so these are the facts on the ground,” Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told local media.

The African businessman who had entered Ireland under the alias Xolile Mtsali had been housed at an asylum centre in West Dublin when arrested by gardai on June 14 last year.

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