Video: ‘Makandiwa is Uebert Angel spiritual son’

Video: ‘Makandiwa is Uebert Angel spiritual son’

Emmanuel Makandiwa

In a video posted on YouTube, Prophet Passion Java extends heartfelt praise to the revered Prophet Uebert Angel, recognizing his transformative impact on the landscape of Gospel preaching in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Java acknowledges Prophet Angel as a spiritual icon, attributing the paradigm shift in the preaching of the Gospel to the profound influence of the esteemed mentor.

The video shares an insightful reflection on Prophet Angel’s role in shaping the spiritual journeys of individuals, including Prophet Java himself and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, both of whom he says are spiritual sons of the revered Prophet.

Watch below Prophet Passion Java in this candid and uplifting tribute, as he sheds light on the invaluable contributions of Prophet Uebert Angel to the spiritual fabric of Zimbabwe.

Source – Byo24

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