About Us

Founded in 2013, TheZimbabwenewslive.com is a vision driven leader in investigative reporting, unbiased and enlightening Zimbabwe news stories published in real time daily through our experienced team of journalists scattered across the world. With a usually higher than average daily website users, The Zimbabwenewslive.com sits among the deepest and broadest reach of any Zimbabwe news organisation.

The Zimbabwenewslive aims to cover the whole community fairly and accurately and to be an independent voice. It is not affiliated with any political party but is seeking membership of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe by end of 2020.

You can access the Code of Practice by clicking here.

Every day, The Zimbabwenewslive covers the latest local and overseas news, as well as political, sport, business, lifestyle and opinion. In addition, The Zimbabwenewslive.com publishes a range of special sections and supplements on immigration and religion.