Charambas and Fishers of Men have struck again
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Charambas and Fishers of Men have struck again

Gospel Music Legends: Olivia and Charles Charamba

Mutare-based musician and businessman, Brian Samaita has become the latest artist to have his song removed from YouTube.

His song, ‘Tauya Kuzomutenda,’ was taken down following a copyright infringement claim by the Charambas and Fishers of Men.

“We received a copyright removal request for your video. Based on applicable copyright law, we removed your video from YouTube: Video title: Brian Samaita Tauya kuzomutenda Video URL: v=TU1 vh3v-Ttw Content used: Tauya Kuzomutenda Content found during: 0:00:44 -0:02:23 Removal request issued by: The Charambas and Fishers of Men,” reads part of the message.

The removal of Brian Samaita’s song from YouTube has triggered a wave of reactions on social media. A number of social media users are in support of Pastor Charles Charamba and his wife’s Olivia decision to lay copyright claims against those who has been sampling and remixing their music without their permission.

Meanwhile, this comes a couple of days after Jah Signal’s songs were removed from YouTube.

Jah Signal’s two songs Shinga Muroora and Tengai Mafuta were pulled down from YouTube after the Charambas and Fishers of Men laid a copyright infringement violation claim against him.

Source – newsreport

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