‘Bob Marley lookalike’ flattered by comparison
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‘Bob Marley lookalike’ flattered by comparison

Ras Kaneo

In an exclusive interview with THE STAR, Ras Kaneo expressed great “honour” in being “highlighted alongside the ‘King of Reggae’, but said he remains true to his own brand, sound and image.

“Well, to each his own, it’s good but I and I represents the brand Ras Kaneo because no one can really be Bob. But respect to everyone who sight I dah way deh,” he said.

“I and I Ras Kaneo just forward fi spread reggae music and just play my part in restoring good content of music and remind [artistes] that we can do some clean, conscious, positive music weh di youth dem can relate to and di elder dem can hold a vibes. Suh wi affi balance the music,” he added.

The Internet went into a frenzy due to what users described as Ras Kaneo being the “reincarnated version” of Marley, with many questioning why the talented musician wasn’t cast in the recently released Bob Marley: One Love movie. When asked if he was encouraged to audition for the role, the entertainer expressed that he had no interest despite ‘an elder’ from the Trench Town community advising him otherwise.

“But I and I is just a humble youth and when I time forward is just I time and now is I time. So respect for all addi comments because it’s positive and kudos to who see me dah way deh. Blessings, love and respect fi dat,” he said. However, the Dinthill Technical High School past student, whose given name is Junior Dixon, quickly clarified that he has no blood relations to Marley.

Ras Kaneo said his musical appetite first tasted the sound of reggae during his earlier years while growing up in both St Mary and Linstead, St Catherine. He used to write several catalogues of songs under the musical influence of Marley, as well as Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and Sizzla Kalonji.

“Mi a one addi last set a 80s youth dem suh wi affi guh back inna roots fi listen to uncle Peter, Jacob and uncle Bob dem. But inna my era now, wi grow up pon di Sizzla Kalonji [and] Anthony B where the music did kinda shift from roots reggae to culture; suh wi grow under dah order deh same way. But fi me, Sizzla a who really mi get dah influence from inna dah modern day genre a reggae music and is a [man] dat mi respect highly,” he said. Ras Kaneo has been in the music business for 16 years, working with a few greats like Dean Fraser.

As the singer focuses on perfecting his craft, he said fans can look forward to Africa, which he said is “like a love song, showing gratitude to my ancestors, the motherland and the people”.

Ras Kaneo said despite the obstacles faced on his musical journey, it’s a path he’ll continue to trod.

“Mi love it, and mi can’t complain. It challenging, it rugged but it is the passion and the love that keep I going,” he shared.-Star

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