Gays running Mugabe’s government, claims Mliswa

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe might as well declare Zimbabwe a gay republic so his cash-strapped administration can benefit from millions of dollars the gay movement controls across the world, former Zanu PF politician official Mliswa quipped this week.Saviour-Kasukuwere

Mugabe is an avowed critic of same sex relationships but Mliswa told journalists at a press briefing earlier this week that the number of openly gay people around the Zimbabwean leader has increased.

“We have so many gays in the government and in the corridors of power. They are in control of everything such that they may as well declare this country a gay republic.

“I can assure you that this country will benefit from millions that the homosexuals worldwide control. They are rich and have lots of money which you see being used to build mansions in the wealthy suburbs of Harare,” said Mliswa.

The expelled former Zanu PF provincial chairman has previously claimed half of Mugabe’s cabinet members are homosexual, opening accusing environments minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

Mliswa was at onetime fitness trainer to Zanu PF national commissar Kasukuwere and claims he is “willing to give Mugabe evidence”. The two have a pending case in which Kasukuwere is suing his former trainer over the “gay” slur.

Meanwhile, Mliswa has also accused the country’s military of gross human rights abuses including the systematic raping of children in the north west of the country ahead of by-elections next month.

Recalled from Parliament after his expulsion from the ruling party, Mliswa is challenging Zanu PF as an independent candidate in Hurungwe West constituency.

He claimed that the military has been deployed to commandeer villagers to vote for Zanu PF during the poll set for June 10.

“I was there this week and the people were happy to see me, however, my heart bleeds because of the stories that I was told by villagers,” said the former MP.

“Stories of rape and abuses are rampant across the villages. Village heads are being rounded up every day and have now been given time tables on when and how they will vote.

“People have also reportedly been given specific numbers that are believed to be identical to those of the ballots they will be allocated.”

“This will according to our people on the ground be used to identify who has voted for which candidate.”

He added: “The environment is not conducive for an election and my lawyers are working in the necessary application but victory is certain.

“There are soldiers on the ground abusing children and doing nothing but drink and sexually abuse innocent girls. One of them will be making a police report soon”.

Mliswa accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of “folding their arms while people go through “horror”.

“ZEC is not doing anything, but we have asked our lawyers to look at these issues and prepare the necessary papers for a court challenge.

“It is no longer and election and Zanu PF should be disqualified,” he said.

Jackson Chidzanga, a former Zanu PF youth league political commissar said Hurungwe West now resembles a “war zone”.

“It is like we have a war, it is all out war because the soldiers are behaving like mad people.

“Our request, and that of the people of Hurungwe West, is that please remove soldiers from our villages, we do not need them. It is not like anything we have ever seen,” said Chidzanga.


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