Harare Court Ordered Bishop Kunonga to Pay Back $427 892

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Looting church property and disposing of shares belonging to the church in a “make hay while the sun still shines” fashion has backfired on Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and his lieutenants after the High Court ordered him to pay $427 000 as compensation to the Anglican Church.

 Bishop Kunonga, who moved out of the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa to form his own church, clung on to the Anglican property for five years while tormenting church members and denying them access to the properties.

Dr Kunonga

Dr Kunonga

At the height of the property control dispute, Kunonga and his followers, including Beaven Michael Ngundu, Alfred Tome, Justin Nyazika and Winter Shamuyarira, decided to dispose of the church’s property in the form of shares it owned in various companies.

The unilateral sale of property and shares prejudiced the church members of $427 892.

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