Junior Officers Expose Top Cops, Bishop Mutendi In Corruption Scandal

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ZIMBABWE : The recent transfer of 87 police officers under criminal investigations department has opened a can of worms with underhand dealings being exposed.
Officer Commanding CID Charumbira has been a beneficiary of gold proceeds got illegally from miners dotted around the country.
Junior officers who spoke to this publication said they had been used by seniors to get proceeds for OC Charumbira, Mutamba and Bishop Nehemia Mutendi from the miners.
Charumbira would give proceeds to Mutamba after getting from junior officers while Bishop Mutendi and Mutamba would also get proceeds from Chinese chrome miners in Shurugwi.
The officers said Bishop Mutendi would give some of proceeds to higher offices.
“Am writing this letter to expose the corruption in the Zimbabwe Republic police service.
“May I draw the attention to the Commissioner General of the ZRP to monitor one of his DCG Mutamba, who together Bishop Mutendi are looting chrome in Shurugwi with Chinese nationals.
“They are saying, even the president is benefiting out of their exercise.
“After learning all this we were transferred to different parts of the country,” the officers said in a letter leaked to this publication.
The officers said if they are secured they are ready to bring more evidence.
“We are prepared to send more V11s about Mutamba, Charumbira and Bishop Mutendi,” they wrote.

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