Man Murdered During Bush Romp With Neighbour

A woman from Bulawayo rushed in panic to alert her boyfriend’s wife after unknown assailants attacked and killed her lover while the two were having sex in a bush.

The duo was allegedly attacked by two people who were wearing black clothes that covered them up at a rocky area between Mabutweni and Njube suburbs at about 10 PM on Saturday.

The incident happened some metres away from the man’s house in Mabutweni.

Jameson Mwembe allegedly took advantage of an electricity blackout to have a tryst with Fadzai Mativenga (33), one of his neighbours.

Mativenga is in a critical condition at Mpilo Central Hospital as she sustained head injuries.

Mwembe’s wife, Mrs Rudo Mwembe, said a bloodied Mativenga broke away from the assailants and rushed to inform her that her husband had been attacked.


Said Mativenga;

At around 10 PM, this woman came knocking at my door, she called me by name. She told me that she was on her way from church when she found my husband lying lifeless on the ground. I suspected she had a hand in my husband’s attack because why would she know me by name and my house. When l wanted to rush to get a vehicle to take my husband to the hospital, she said we should first rush to the scene and check if he was still breathing,” said Mrs Mwembe, who struggled to speak between sobs.

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