Sakunda Boss Kuda Tagwirei Gift Takes Centre At Chiwenga Divorce Battle

Kuda Tagwirei of SAKUNDA Holdings, a businessman with links to the ruling ZANU PF party and top government officials, gave a Mercedes Benz car to the Acting President Constantino Chiwenga for use as an escort vehicle for his children.

Chiwenga also got a Lexus from the controversial Command Agriculture run by Tagwirei. This was revealed in Chiwenga’s divorce papers. The papers read in part:

(i) The Toyota Lexus, Registration Number AEO 5948 belongs to the Respondent allocated to him under the Command Agriculture Programme to supervise the programme countrywide. That said, the vehicle’s registration papers are with Command Agriculture.

(ii) Mercedes Benz S400 Registration Number AEC 1846 is Ministry of Defence Vehicle purchased for use by the Respondent when he was Commander Defence Forces. All the paperwork is with the Ministry of

(iii) Mercedes Benz E350 (Silver) was given to the Respondent as an escort vehicle for the children by Mr Kuda Tagwirei. Like the two above they do not belong to the Applicant in any way or at all.

(iv) The Range Rover (Autobiography) AEN 1616 belongs to the Applicant purchased for her by the Respondent.

(v) Mercedes Benz E350 (black) Registration Number ACG 8701 belongs to
the Ministry of Defence which was for his personal use.