AMBIA’S Minister of Communication and Broadcasting Services, Dora Siliya-Folotiya has revealed that she has tested positive for the coronavirus, a virus that causes the Covid-19 disease.

Siliya-Folotiya (49), who also doubles as the Government spokesperson, revealed the news in a short video clip she posted on her Twitter handle Saturday, adding that she is asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) and is self-isolating at home.

Watch the video below as she gives details about her condition:

I just thought I should share!— Hon. Dora Siliya, MP (@Dora_Siliya) May 23, 2020

The developments come as Zambian President Edgar Chagwa Lungu said he is concerned that the Ministry of Health has continued to keep in quarantine citizens who have tested positive who have no symptoms.

He said such a scenario could just expose these persons to further infection and is leading to unproductivity and waste of space for those who are ill.

President Lungu has therefore directed that citizens who have tested positive but are not showing symptoms be allowed to go in self isolation and strictly observe health guidelines.

Lungu said health officials must conduct surveillance on such persons and has urged their families to be their brothers and sisters keepers and said only patients showing COVID-19 symptoms and those with underlying conditions such as TB and HIV/AIDS must be in quarantine.

Further, Lungu said he expects the Ministers of General Education, Local Government and Health to adequately prepare for the reopening of examination classes and at the same time ensure that the health guidelines are strictly followed.

Lungu also directed that Government Ministries and Departments, trading places, markets, bus stations and work places to ensure strict adherence to health regulations, guidelines and certification.

He also said the Secretary to Cabinet must ensure that the public service begins to operate at optimum capacity and effectively in the new normal.

On the reopening of bars and night clubs which he closed in his first COVID-19 address, President Lungu said he realises the fact that the businesses are critical to their livelihoods and Zambia’s social economic fabric.

He said outlets will be opened once consultations finish about how they should operate in this COVID-19 period.