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Gono speaks on his health

by reporter263

FORMER Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono has reacted angrily to reports that he is battling for his life at a Harare hospital, saying people peddling the rumours were violating his privacy.


A United Kingdom website last week published a picture purporting to show a “frail” Gono.


The website said it had seen Gono’s medical records that included an X-ray scan dated February 11. But Gono yesterday said the report was false.

“That’s an invasion of my private life, for which I will go to extraordinary lengths to have the lies paid,” he said.


“I am on my mid-term holiday with family in Nyanga and someone is being mischievous.”

He said the alleged pictures could have been taken some time ago.

“That’s an old story involving annual check-ups at doctors,” he said. “Don’t you do the same or you wait until you are ill.

“Let’s meet for a marathon and I will put $10 000 on the table if you can beat me in a 32km race. Put up the same and we do a public challenge.

“Look for better news. Don’t be misled.”

Gono stepped down as governor of the central bank in 2013 after serving the mandatory two terms. He spent 10 years at the RBZ.-AMH

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