Workers Lock Bosses In Factory

Mukundi Plastics workers locked management in the factory last night over non-payment of salaries, amid gross allegations of incompetence on the judicial manager, Mr Christopher Maswi.
The disgruntled workers were milling around the company offices until late in the night after locking management in the factory demanding their salaries.

ZBC News reports that workers were singing and whistling, denigrating the company’s management and accusing it of misplaced priorities.

Efforts  to speak to the judicial manager, Mr Maswi were fruitless as he chose to respond behind close doors.

Mukundi Plastics Finance Manager, Mr Admore Masvosva was arrogant and agitated when asked to comment on the allegations levelled against  management.

Workers allege that management is living lavishly at the expense of their welfare as the firm is making a lot of money with all production lines working and forcing three shifts daily.

According to workers, management has denied other employees to resign, saying they are critical for the organisation.