4 truck drivers die at Beitbridge while waiting to cross into Zimbabwe

Four truck drivers have now died at the Beitbridge border post while waiting to cross into Zimbabwe. This has been posted by top South African news outfit, the Enca, as breaking news.

CEO of the Road Freight Association Gavin Kelly has confirmed on video that four drivers have died while waiting at the Beitbridge Border Post.

Traffic at the border with Zimbabwe has been at a standstill for over five days now.

Covid-19 checks are exacerbating the long delays that have plagued the border post for days.

At least 11 other people died earlier this week while waiting to get to Zimbabwe.

Speaking about the deaths, a source said:

The body count is rising at the Beitbridge border post. We have just been informed that three people died in the queue yesterday and a fourth person died today. The terrible heat is a factor. Water is apparently unavailable.

Few days ago a Zimbabwean citizen died after collapsing near the Beitbridge border post in Limpopo. It’s believed she had been on a bus since Sunday afternoon.

Many people have been queuing for days without water and proper sanitation in the heat.

A South African Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has reportedly declined a request for a visit by Zimbabwean ministers to deal with border congestion. He said Zimbabwe should address its economic crisis, not South Africa congestion.

Details follow…