9 MPs face recall over Mujuru link
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9 MPs face recall over Mujuru link

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NINE Zanu PF legislators from Mashonaland Central have been targeted for recall over their alleged ties to disgraced former vice president Joice Mujuru.

A meeting of the Zanu PF co-ordinating committee for the province held recently at Mushumbi Pools agreed to press for the ouster of the legislators.

The development was confirmed by acting provincial chairman, Dickson Mafios.

“These MPs are a shame to the party and as a province; we will not allow them to represent Zanu PF anymore.

“We want them to go and join their leader and form whatever they wanted to, not being part of us,” Mafios said in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com.

Those targeted include Guruve North MP David Batau, former junior justice minister Fortune Chasi, former labour minister Nicholas Goche as well as Shamva South legislator Joseph Mapiki.

Goche and Chasi have since been fired from government along with Mujuru for allegedly plotting the illegally remove President Robert Mugabe in a conspiracy that was said to include possible assassination of the veteran leader.

Bofore her sacking from both the party and the government, publicly Mujuru was attacked by Mugabe’s wife, Grace, who accused the former vice president of gross corruption, incompetence as well as plotting a coup.

The Mugabes have not provided any evidence to back their allegations which Mujuru has emphatically denied, insisting she remains loyal to the 90-year-old leader despite her public humiliation.

About sixteen ministers have since been fired from government over the conspiracy with several top Zanu PF officials removed from their party positions.

Meanwhile, Mafios said his province was taking the ongoing purge of Mujuru allies down to party structures to ensure the former vice president does not rise again.

“We know these people manipulated the structures; so if we don’t do anything, we will find it hard to succeed as a party. We have to clean all gamatox people out of the party structures,” he said.

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