Activist Itai Dzamara ‘Feared Dead’ After Body Is Discovered Near Goromonzi

Protest leader and journalist Itai Dzamara is  feared dead  following an abduction Monday in his Harare neighborhood by unknown men but suspected to be state security agents. Itai-Dzamara

Messages have been posted on social media networks suggesting that a body of a male found this morning near Goromonzi, just outside of Harare could be that of the activist.

On Monday , Studio 7 reported that Occupy Africa Unity Square secretary general Charles Nyoni says Dzamara was abducted by five men who forcibly shoved him in a white isuzu twincab.

Nyoni told Studio 7 the men approached Dzamara and accused him of stealing a cow before they grabbed him.

 He says efforts to locate him are proving too futile as the police are professing ignorance over the issue.

Dzamara has previously been arrested for demonstrating and calling on President Robert Mugabe to step down.

Last year he handed over a petition at the Munhumutapa Offices in Harare encouraging the president to step down immediately and pave the way for fresh elections.


However Itai’s brother Patson has issued a statement saying he is not aware of his whereabouts and no information of his death has reached this family.
“I am receiving several enquiries about the whereabouts of my brother Itai Dzamara and the the reports that he has passed on. Nothing has reached us yet. No official communication has reached us yet. If anyone has information let us know”,he said.