Baba Jukwa resurfaces

SHADOWY Facebook character Baba Jukwa that haunted Zanu-PF towards the 2013 general elections is back!

And the Zanu-PF party has more reasons to ponder what it should do next after the controversial “facebooker” resurfaced last month posting anti-Zanu PF statements.

Many bigwigs in the ruling party are definitely in a quandary about how they should handle the puzzle at a time the party has more skeletons in the closet than ever before.

Mudslinging and character assassination is currently the order of the day in the revolutionary party due to president Mugabe’s unresolved succession wrangle and Baba Jukwa is likely going to have a field day of bean-spilling if he/she is going to use the same stunts used by the previous character.

Unlike the previous Baba Jukwa who had more than 1 million followers on Facebook, the resurrected Jukwa has a meagre 3000 followers but a few days after its “resurrection” online, more people have started following the page.

Recently, government threatened to ban access to social media applications particularly WhatsApp citing abuse of the facility.


But rights defenders feel that this is a ploy by Zanu-PF to stifle civic disobedience by curtailing freedom of expression.