Bona Mugabe Miscarried Twins:Grace Reveals

First Lady Grace Mugabe has revealed that her daughter, Bona, miscarried twins soon after she got married.

“We were disheartened, but we continued to pray and now we have a grandson. It has always been my prayer and wish that President Mugabe sees his grandchildren.”

She was speaking in Mazowe as she celebrated her 51st birthday. She said she was spearheading development in the country but the media always focused on the negative.

“Why can’t you speak of the good work I am doing? The media is awash with bad coverage day-in day-out. But I do not mind. We all have a role to sell our country and the way we brand Zimbabwe is very important.

“If you say Zimbabwe is a rogue state, you know what it means and what the negativism brings. It brings suffering. Always say positive things about your country. You will see also positive things shaping up. I do not understand sometimes the way we think. It does not matter who you are and whatever you are doing as long as you are a Zimbabwean, you remain Zimbabwean,” said Grace.

Now I want to show people and invite people to see development in our country and in Mazowe. Media houses should do their job of selling Zimbabwe. Others especially ZBC and Judith Makwanya are doing that. We want to court investors to come and work with us here.


“How do we court them if we are posting negative things about Zimbabwe? Who is attracted to bad things? We are all attracted to things that make us happy, things that make us comfortable. And here, I am doing things that you can be proud of as Zimbabweans. You can tell others about what your First Lady is doing instead of just dwelling on things that bring disunity.

“United we stand, divided we fall. Some of the negative things we face as a nation such sanctions were called for by Zimbabweans and people are suffering because one of us called upon Western countries to impose sanctions upon Zimbabwe,” she said.