Breaking News: President Mugabe Feared Dead Mid-Air

by TZN Correspondent

Veteran President Robert Mugabe, aged 92, suffered brain haemorrhage mid-air en route to Singapore where he had travelled to seek medical treatment  and is feared dead in UAE  after rumours spread rapidly about his alleged ill health two days ago, can exclusively reveal. MUGABE

A reliable source from Asia  who spoke to this publication said the nonagenarian despot is dead or dying.

On Tuesday , we reported that Mugabe abruptly returned  from Swaziland  to Harare and  leaving for Singapore amid reports of deteriorating health condition.

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Mugabe , according to sources was travelling to Singapore , then did an emergency route change, stopped half way and went to UAE.

” Mugabe’s plane stopped in Dubai but not sure for what reason. It did a sharp route change, almost 80-degrees turn with no reports of flight problems , sparking fears of Mugabe’s ill health” , said a source close to the entourage .


Dubai Aviation sources told the that there was no mayday call.

Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications.