Comedian Kuripwa kugara Returns to Zimbabwe

MASVINGO-Celebrated self-styled social media comedian popular for his satire Kuripwa kugara, Pepukai Zvemhare has resigned from his job as an electrician at Forever Resort Hotel in Pretoria in South African and is back in Zimbabwe where his new source of income is selling DVDs from his various comedies.

Pepukai Zvemhare
Pepukai Zvemhare

He makes a cool $300 a day from his DVDs. He does not pay to travel in cross-border buses like Eagle-liner, Pioneer, Hawk High Tech, Kaya and others because of his popularity.
He will soon be working on another comedy Xenophobia.
Zvemhare spoke to  the media Thursday last week and announced his new plans. He got one or two rib cages overworked as he cracked jokes and went over one or two lines from his comedies.
He declares emphatically “asi hamusi kundiziva ….ndonzi Baba Tenseni ini (do you not recognise me I am Baba Tenseni)”, as Mirror reporters got momentarily confused on where they recalled this so, so familiar face from.
“Kuripwa kugara….Tsvangirai tonga vanhu, isu tichavuyako”, his voice boomerangs exposing the wide gap between his front teeth ( he calls that birthmark Numberplate) as Mirror staffers immediately gets a feeling of honour to realise that Zimbabwe’s most popular foreign based comedian was under their very own roof.[vsw id=”st4Zkgc2Gmw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
He told The Mirror that he had resigned from his job after realising the popularity of his work among Zimbabweans all over the world. He now moves around the world selling his DVDs to Zimbabweans wherever they are.
“I make a cool $150 a day if I am selling the DVDs in foreign land but here in Zimbabwe, I sell an average $300 CDs a day.”
In Zimbabwe, he moves from town to town selling DVDs. Last week he was in Masvingo and next week he will be in Mutare.
He says that he had always had a talent in comedy from since his school days.
“I don’t write anything down, my comedy comes as I speak,” he says.
He burst into commercial limelight when some day at work, he just decided to take a video on his experience at the hotel. As he sat, he started recording himself on his phone as he spoke. His comedy centred on how he as an electrician at a hotel was really paid to do nothing.
He immediately after that forwarded the clip to a friend who enjoyed it in turn sent it to others and in no time and had run viral throughout the World.
“As an electrician, I had very little to do at the hotel because I could go for a week without any fault being reported. So I will spend all my time just sitting either in the shade or in the sun but at 10am I would go and have strong tea, at one I would go for lunch and at 5pm I would go for supper and thereafter that I will go home.
“It dawned on me that I was just being paid do nothing, Kuripwa kugara. That’s how my first comedy came about. I compared this with the way that we toiled at home and it was too good to believe. Ndipo pandinoti kumusha kunoitei….Tsvangirai tonga vanhu kumusha tichavuyako,” said Zvemhari bursting into loud laughter.
Zvemhari was born in Maringire Chivi 39 years ago.
“Look out for part 5, it will be called xenophobia and you will like it. I will be an educative series and altogether entertaining. I’m looking forward to do the shooting in Zimbabwe and it will be an international product,” said Zvemhari.
Zvemhari is married to Pauline Matangabonde who he said is so supportive and they have three children namely Tenson (14), Tennslie (9) and Nyasha (2).
He did his primary education at Maringire Primary School and then did form 1 and 2 at Chamanhanzva Secondary School again in Chivi. He proceeded to Parkingson High School in Shurugwi and did his O Level education where he passed 8 subjects which included Maths and English.
Baba Tenson became a cross border and travelled to countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.