Dr Mapfumo has no plans of meeting President Mugabe:Vava
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Dr Mapfumo has no plans of meeting President Mugabe:Vava

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Chimurenga Music Company (CMC) has noted with surprise reports in an article in the edition of the Herald today 6 January 2015 implying that Dr Thomas Mapfumo wants to meet President Mugabe.

The paper alleges that the Chimurenga music legend is making ‘frantic’ efforts to meet the President.

Chimurenga Music Company wishes to make it categorically clear that Dr Thomas Mapfumo has no plans of meeting President Mugabe. Whilst Dr Mapfumo would consider it as a privilege to meet the president, it is not correct that he has made such a request in any form to anyone. The report is not only false but mischievous and a misrepresentation.

The allegations by the paper that Dr Mapfumo has pending cases with the police are rather false and unfounded and bent on portraying the music legend as a criminal and a fugitive. We urge journalists and anyone interested to follow up the case with the Zimbabwe Republic Police so that they get the truth of the matter rather than publishing falsehoods.

Dr Mapfumo is a law abiding Zimbabwean and has no case to answer in the alleged crime and is therefore not afraid of coming to Zimbabwe. Any suggestions to the contrary are fictitious and imaginations which have become a day to day experience in some sections of our media.

He is dismayed about the levels of corruption and poor service delivery across the entire country and would be happy to articulate his views and concerns to all the relevant authorities as these are the matters that have been of interest to him since the colonial era.

In the same vein CMC would like to inform the public that plans to release the much awaited Dangerzone album are at an advanced stage as production has started in earnest.

Issued by Blessing Vava


Chimurenga Music Company

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