Edgars in massive retrenchment drive

Clothing retail outlet Edgars is resorting on a massive compulsory retrenchment  exercise after workers snubbed voluntary layoff.

Management wrote an internal memorandum dated 27 June announcing the impending chop.

This is after only 35 workers responded to the voluntary call at the end of deadline, June 22.

They ended work on Thursday.

However, the internal memorandum does not specify number of people to be axed.

Heads of departments have been tasked  to justify their current workforce by next week and compile names of workers to be fired.


Management is citing controversial import ban, declining sales and closure of account’s.

Read the memorandum, “New controls on foreign payments and imports have resulted in some of the business payments for the merchandise being delayed.

“This can only hurt our relationships with our supplies who will now require us to pay upfront.

“This simple means that we will experience even more worse sales levels going forward.

“Preemptive measures need to be taken to ensure that all operating costs are brought to line with reducing sales figures.

“As a consequence of the forgoing, it is necessary to go through the painfull process of compulsory retrenchment among other initiatives in order to bring payroll an other costs down”.

Management says it want to complete the “painful’ exercise soon.

Affected workers would be advised next week.

Most firms are retrenching workers claiming viability challenges.