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Elephant found electrocuted in Zimbabwean town

by reporter263

Conservationists in the Zimbabwean town of Kariba are calling on locals to report all low-hanging power cables after an elephant was found electrocuted on Saturday.

The Kariba Animal Welfare Trust published pictures on Monday showing the magnificent bull – described as “placid” – lying dead next to some bushes.

“It is thought he put his trunk into the bush to feed and touched the electric wires which were hanging through the low bush,” said the trust.

The Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project, which also operates in the Kariba area, said in a post to Facebook, “We request that Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority urgently rectify the issue and carry out inspections on all transmission poles to ensure this does not happen again.”

It is not immediately clear why the cables were hanging so low.

The trust said that three elephants were electrocuted in Kariba in 2012 when a pole fell over and cables were exposed at ground level.

Baboons are often seen congregating on electricity pylons in the northern town, which is on the shores of Lake Kariba.


Source: News 24

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