First Lady meets SMEs and cross border traders
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First Lady meets SMEs and cross border traders

1518: She thanks cross border traders for working hard to ensure the successful implementation of Zim Asset and concludes her speech.IMG-20141118-WA0014-472x630

1516: She calls for unity because factionalism was destroying the party.

1513: “We are now in a revolution to purge Zanu PF of rogue elements”

1511: The Vice President is not promoting Government policies but campaigning to remove President Mugabe.

1506: She derided  some people who claim to be educated yet they don’t understand certain basic tenets including understanding the constitution. The President mandated by the country’s constitution to appoint anyone he desires to be the Vice President of the country.

“If you are the second secretary of the party, that does not automatically make you Vice President of the country”

She urged VP Mujuru to resign or risk being  removed by members of the party.
“Munhu ngaadzokere kuDotito. Ndakataura kuti izvo, ndakavaudza Baba ini kuti ndanga ndakarongerwa kuti vanhu vachandiita boo”

1455: “If you sow injustice, you harvest calamity”

1451: “My husband is a loving husband and he also takes care of his children including praying with them every night”

1444: The First Lady says VP Mujuru was recorded in the company of a young man wearing a mini skirt exposing her thighs. She says VP Mujuru  said the First Lady craves money.

1439: Amai Mugabe said VP Mujuru said she would be paraded in the streets as soon as President Mugabe dies.

1435: She says the party is infested with weevils and all those campaigning for her could not have done so without her consent. “Hatidi vanhu vanokonzeresa nyonga nyonga mu party medu”. Amai Mugabe says VP Mujuru is being used by whites to destroy the party from within. She challenged VP Mujuru to come out in the open and denounce those using her name for factional purposes.

1425: She says the President is aware of the role played by women and their small businesses and set up a ministry to deal with their issues. The First Lady promised cross border traders to present their plight for land to the relevant authorities.

1417: She breaks into song exalting God and all the blessings that he has bestowed upon the country.

1415: “Wherever I go I am very proud of Zimbabwean women”

1411: Amai Mugabe says wisdom is important in life regardless of whatever education one would have attained. She says some people were seen busy consulting witchdoctors to help them assume the leadership of the party and Government.

1407: She recounts the work she is doing at the children’s home and her children are from all the country’s provinces. She thanked her staff including the women who are taking care of the children. There are plans to construct a secondary school, a state of the art hospital and a university to be called Robert Mugabe University.

1359: The First Lady says that she has educated a lot of children in Zimbabwe with over a 100 having been supported by her. They are now successful individuals. She says she also supports a lot of children at universities in Zimbabwe.

1353: She says it’s important for people to organise themselves into associations whose executive  should be able to highlight their concerns. She says the leadership should be exemplary  and dedicated.

1347:  She says ill gotten wealth is not sustainable as you will not have peace of mind. “Munhu dzidza kudya zvaunoshandira. Nhunzi dzashoma muZimbabwe dzakutochokwa nemunhuwu”

1343: She recounts her days as a trader including dealing with unscrupulous  customers. She encourages cross border traders to work harder and not despair.

1338: She hails cross borders saying she is one of them because she was once in the trade as well.  She commends the SMEs as the backbone  of the economy as they contribute a lot to the GDP. She says she later graduated from selling her wares at flea markets to opening shops in town called Bambino shops. Amai Mugabe says she used to go outside the country to buy goods for resell in Zimbabwe.

1330: The First Lady thanks Chief Negomo for his support, introduces Cde Killer Zivhu and says he is a real killer at executing his duties. She also introduces her brother, Engineer  Marufu, who there to support her.

1318: Cde Muchinguri says ministers should not abuse their positions to engage in corrupt activities. She says VP Mujuru’s faction is frustrating economic development initiatives as a strategy  to take support away from President Mugabe. She says Amai Mugabe spent sleepless nights studying for her PHD while President Mugabe marked for her. She ends her address as an expectant crowd waits for the First Lady’s address.

1309: Cde Oppah Muchinguri takes to the podium. She says because of President Mugabe’s land reform programme, the British created the MDC  a project that VP Mujuru was involved in with the intention of reversing the land reform.

1305: The First Lady has explained President Mugabe’s statement when he said the party had been infiltrated by weevils during the burial of national hero, Cde Nathan Shamuyarira. She said the real weevil is VP Mujuru despite her ill informed attempt  to claim that it was aimed at Information, Media and Broadcasting  Services Minister Jonathan Moyo. She says with what is happening now it is clear who the real weevil is.

Hurungwe East MP Cde Sarah Mahoka says the Women’s League national executive must remove VP Mujuru from office next week without fail.

1247: At the top table are First Lady Amai Mugabe , outgoing secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri, Senate president Cde Edna Madzongwe, Politburo members Cdes Sandi Moyo and Josiah Hungwe as well as secretary for security in the Women’s League Cde Shuvai Mahofa.

1232: He finishes his address that was punctuated by ululation and praise from cross border traders.

1227: He says all they want are passports not many degrees for them to perform their duties. He says female traders are the ones who sustained  Zimbabwe during the hyper inflationary  era in 2007, 2008. He says that’s when there was real poison not what is being talked about today gamatox.

He says they are facing serious problems where they are tenants as landlords impose rules that are more stringent than Moses’ commandments. They want to build  their stalls. Zivhu says Zimra boss  Gershem Pasi should not make it difficult for cross borders.

Cde Zivhu says the First Family should relax and not be bothered by those who say they want  to uncontitutionally remove President Mugabe  as they would have to first remove cross borders who will provide security to the President.

“Vanoti First Lady havaite kuti vatonge makadii kumirawo kuti munyengwe naPresident” says Cde Zivhu.

“We will continue to support First Family even if you refer to the bible you will find that leaders left reigns to their children. We pray that we could have President Mugabe leading us for the next 34 years.”

Zivhu tells Amai Mugabe  to tell President Mugabe to stop spoiling some people in the party.

1214: The association’s president Mr Killer Zivhu is now on the podium and hails Amai Mugabe  in chanting slogans and says down with those who gossip about her. He says they faced discouragement from some sections who phoned saying people should  snub the meeting. He says the association has more than 3 million members.

1212: “Tinoda  kutenda Amai ava nekutichengetera Baba kuti vatiitire zvese zvavatiitira. Nhasi tirikufara madzimai takuonekwa sevanhu nekuda kwa Baba VaMugabe. Madzimai vakugona ku dhirayivha motor mukati umu mune ma Ford Ranger. VaMugabe havagoni kubviswa nemunhu”

She urges  crfoss border traders to pray for President Mugabe and the First Family so that they are blessed with more years as she finishes her address.

1208: Cross Borders Association vice president Mrs Waire takes to the podium and thanks the First Lady for affording them an opportunity to meet with them.

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe accompanied by outgoing secretary for Women's League Cde Oppah Muchinguri (in black) arrive for the meeting. (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

This granny steals the show as she dances to Tocky Vibes' "Mhai" (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

1146: The cross border traders demand that the band plays Tocky Vibes and they comply sending them into a frenzy.

"Banolila" seems to be a very popular  song as the majority of people take to the dance floor while others are just shking their bodies where they stand. (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

Cross border traders from across the country are gathered at the children's home awaiting the First Lady's address. (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

The gathered crowd receives food packs. (pic by Lloyd Gumbo)

1046: Scores of cross border traders are flocking in despite the chilly weather being experienced due to the rains received in the last couple of days.

Some of the cross border traders arrive to entertainment provided by the police band at First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s Mazowe Children’s Home (pix by Lloyd Gumbo)

1042: The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe is expected to address SMEs and cross border traders today at Mazowe Children’s Home.

Some of the early birds already gathered at First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s Mazowe Children’s Home where she is expected to address cross border traders (pix by Lloyd Gumbo)

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