Fists fly in Joice Mujuru camp as officials are embroiled in a nasty fight that left man with broken legs

TWO of ex-vice president Joice Mujuru ’s senior aides were allegedly involved in a nasty fist-fight at a Harare hotel Thursday which left one of them with a fractured leg, it has been reported.

According to , National People’s Party presidential spokesperson Gift Nyandoro and the Jealousy Mawarire, the party spokesman, reportedly exchanged blows at Bronte Hotel in the capital.

 Joice Mujuru spokespersons
Joice Mujuru spokespersons

The two have long differed on party policy and Thursday’s brawl was reportedly sparked by a row over the NPP’s position on a coalition with other opposition parties.

In an interview with Wednesday, Mawarire confirmed that there was a misunderstanding over positions’ in the party but insisted that there was no fist-fight.

“Some people are power hungry and they want to take my current position in the party,” said Mawarire.

For his part, Nyandoro insisted that Mawarire attacked him, injuring his leg. He was admitted at Westend Clinic after the fight.

“Mawarire attacked me from nowhere as I was entering Bronte hotel this morning,” Nyandoro explained.

“I think he was following up on me. I was busy preparing for my mother’s funeral and Mawarire charged me from behind.

“A certain lady who is light in complexion with dreadlocks tried to restrain him from attacking me and he continued attacking me. As I fell to the ground, he started shouting at me accusing me of wanting to take his post in NPP.

“As if that was enough, Mawarire also shouted that he was going to shoot at me. As he left me lying on the ground, he kicked me on my leg and headed for his car.

“I thought he was going to get a gun but he did not. I felt pain and had to be helped by one Muleya who is from NPP Harare Province. Mawarire got into his car and drove away.

“I want Mawarire to tell the world where I hit him. I did not fight anyone but, he simply attacked me.”

Asked whether he would press charges, Nyandoro said: “I am a lawyer by profession and would want to concentrate on my health first before I do anything about the issue.”

In his press statement released Wednesday, Mawarire said Nyandoro erred when he spoke on behalf of NPP regarding a coalition with other political parties.

“Nyandoro is not mandated to speak on behalf of the party. He is President Joice Mujuru’s spokesperson and his duties do not include speaking on behalf of the party.”

Nyandoro was a member of the then Arthur Mutambara-led faction of the MDC before he was suspended in May, 2009 for among, other things, denouncing the party leadership.