Gwindi loses job

Gwindi loses job

Harare City Council has booted out its spokesperson Mr Leslie Gwindi and three other senior managers whose positions were made redundant by the city’s restructuring programme.The city is now negotiating packages with the four affected managers.

In June the city sent packing seven directors in an effort to reduce its salary bill, which was consuming more than half of its revenue.

Council recently collapsed several departments in a new structure, resulting in some directors becoming redundant. Human Capital and Public Safety director Dr Cainos Chingombe yesterday confirmed the development saying the city was streamlining its functions in order to cut costs and cut a top heavy management.

“This is the second phase of the restructuring exercise. After the first one, we felt there was need for integration of some departments and it meant that some positions became redundant hence some managers were affected.

“In the communications department which is under the town clerk, we felt it was too heavy and we did not need someone at a senior level. Mr Gwindi was at deputy director level. We need a runner who can be at a junior level so we are negotiating a package with Mr Gwindi,” he said.

The city centralised the finance function hence its finance and administration manager Mr Paul Dhliwayo would also be retrenched.

The merging of the waste management and amenities department made Mr Emmanuel Muza’s position as waste management manager redundant hence he would also be retrenched while the joining of the Education and Social Services department led to the retrenchment of parks and cemetery manager Mr Raymond Chiromo.

Dr Chingombe said the city did not want to send people into the streets hence it will negotiate with affected parties.  According to the recent Human Resources and General Purposes’ committee, the affected managers should either be redeployed or retrenched.

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