Happy birthday to queen of swagger Pokello Nare: Pics

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Happy birthday to the queen of swagger Pokello Nare: Pics. Embroided in many scandals some good some bad, Pokello Nare keeps rising and delivering the best in everything that she does. The businesswoman and also socialite turns everything she touches into gold.

Today we celebrating her birthday as she has turned a year older. We get to celebrate with her as we share with you some of her flows and downs she has had so far in her life in general, accompanied by some stunning pictures as always.

No matter how much people might try to hurt, hate her this one is just one person who is on another level. You can try to do whatever you want to brink her down but she keeps going up.

Personality and businesswoman Pokello Nare is fed up of people labelling her a fake yellow bone such that she has gone the extra mile of posting her images when she was a child to prove that she does not bleach.

Queen of Swagger

Always on point. Pokello naturally she has a good skin texture that makes men drool for her. And with some skin products, she uses it makes her look even hotter. But she herself gives credit to bathing for her looks.

Some might argue that she has all the essentials that are needed after bathing, well that might be true, but she says 50% of her glowing and looking stunning is just by bathing only.


The Queen the #Chimuti titleholder is serving us nothing but the best and proving she is still the holder, and no one is going to take that title away from her if her latest pictures are anything to go about.


Source – MbareTimes

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