Harare Man Killed By Police Stray Bullet During Battle With Robbers

A Harare man was killed by a stray bullet in Marborough, Harare on Friday.

Muchesa Chatsama
Muchesa Chatsama

Mr Muchesa Chatsama was shot during the open exchange with the police.

His brother wrote of the ordeal saying, “feels so helpless watching your own brother covered in blood with a bullet in after a police vs robbers shootout. Munhu akazvigarira muoffice make nhai wongobatanidzirwa.

“How reckless of the police. After exchanging fire with armed robbers in broad daylight in a neighbourhood like Malborough.

“Shuwa shuwa pachena ipapo pane mandel paya and not even going around checking if they are any casualties. Mongobata mbavha dzenyu mobuditsa news moenda and you look like Heros. Nxaaa.

“Saka wasina mhosva ndovamunouraya ka kunge mombe and the robbers you only wound. God help us. Rest well mukoma Muchesa Chatsama  “


Meanwhile Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi told the state media,

“We are investigating the case. Police followed some suspected armed robbers from town to Marlborough where there was an exchange of gunfire between the police and the suspected robbers. Four of the five suspects were nabbed while escaping. Later on, there was a report that a man was found dead in his office and police are investigating the case.” -Online