I Was Sold a Dummy: Manyeruke
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I Was Sold a Dummy: Manyeruke

Veteran singer Mechanic Manyeruke says he was truly led up the proverbial garden path last year when he was promised a brand spanking new Jaguar XF type by Pride Africa Network.

The “Makomborero” hitmaker also made sensational claims of abuse against Pride Africa Network director Sheppard Sirewu by alleging that maybe Sirewu got something out of his name.

Last year Siweru promised the veteran musician a Jaguar XF as an honour for his contribution to the music industry.

A dinner and a concert were held where it was announced that Baba Manyeruke, as he is lovingly called by fans, would get the car before year end.

Manyeruke was shown the car that he was supposed to get at a media photo shoot.

It has been months now and Siweru has not delivered on his promise or updated Manyeruke on the progress.

Manyeruke yesterday said it was a pity that he was taken for a ride.

“I didn’t ask him to give me anything because he was the one who came to me saying they wanted to give me a car. He even had the nerve to call me to his office but I refused because he was the one who came to me in the first place,” he fumed.

Manyeruke said he doubted if the car was bought in the first place.

“When they came to me they told me that they had bought something for me. They even invited the media for a mock presentation at the HICC but since that time nothing happened,” he said.

The 71-year old musician, who feels that he has been used most unkindly, said he was still to decide whether to pursue the legal route for compensation.

“The good thing is I am guided by Christian values otherwise I would have taken the legal route because he can’t use my name like that.

“ I am an old man,” he said.

Manyeruke said he is not destitute and had not sought any assistance as his children working abroad are there if needed.

Siweru could not be reached yesterday at the time of going to print as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Last year Sirewu blamed the economic hardships for his failure to present the car.

He said the economic downturn had made it difficult for him to fulfil the pledge as well as poor sponsorship, apparently meaning that the car that he had offered had not been there when he extended the gesture.

“We failed to put things in order in December due to budget issues and we thought by March the economy would have improved, but as it stands nothing has improved, hence we proposed to move the handover of the car to a later date yet to be announced,” Sirewu said.

If Manyeruke does not get anything from Sirewu he would not be the first musician to get public promises that fizzle into nothing.

Previously, a number of musicians have been given housing stands but years later they still await physical allocation and title deeds to the promised land.

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