Home Crime & Courts Fraudster Joseph Tazvi Mhaka who went on the run from the UK after stealing £1.3 million in grand bank fraud defends pal Sir Wicknell

Fraudster Joseph Tazvi Mhaka who went on the run from the UK after stealing £1.3 million in grand bank fraud defends pal Sir Wicknell

by reporter263

Joseph Mhaka,who went on the run and is still being hunted by police in the UK after stealing more than £1.3mln has come to Wicknell Chivayo’s defence.

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Below is his unedited text :

I stand by and with @sir_wicknell not only because he is my friend and part of my inner circle but more because he shows that past challenges should never stop anyone from dreaming and scale great heights.
I also do so with the full knowledge that all of us are sinners but just we sin differently and in fact it’s some of the personal choices we make. If any of the people who are ravaging my mate for his past mistakes has never sinned I am sure he can cast the first stone.
Sir paid for his sins through the pain, suffering and humiliation of being imprisoned and thereafter labeled as an ex convict. I also like it that he acknowledges his past misdeeds by driving home in the last interview before this onslaught that he made a couple of mistakes that he regrets. He confessed and suffered for his sins!!
It’s the lessons learnt from his life that I would like to drive home mainly THAT:
1- Being an ex-convict is not a sentence to poverty and a lifelong of pain, suffering and despair. Dare to dream and dream big.My guy dared to dream and to focus. . He didn’t sit at home weeping his life away because he was an ex convict. If you are one such ex convict (even a convict by public opinion) the only revenge to haters is to be massively successful. .He can now afford the finest in the world.
Some of the greatest icons in politics are ex convicts…They didn’t stop dreaming of being presidents, leaders and ministers because of just a conviction.

2- With massive success you are going to be labeled a fraudster, thief, gay, and all sorts. Keep moving…the world never speaks about you if you are miserable and poor…unless you are being spoken off as a group. Ultimate revenge is more success.
3- It is not the condition of your life or your past or your challenges that should determine your future. It’s your decisions and actions. My mate Wicknell who was drowning in responsibilities of being a bread winner well before he could smell the greatness of the youth when he lost his dad really never stopped dreaming. He has achieved the millionaire status irrespective of the challenges of his youth.
4- Believe, decide and act.

Tazvi Mhaka's photo.


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