Macheso Stuck With Old Equipment

SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso has suffered a major setback in setting up a new studio as most of the equipment is now obsolete.

The musician intended to set up a recording studio in Chitungwiza using the equipment of the now defunct Last Power Studio.

Macheso was one of the directors of Last Power Studios that closed in 2012 after failing to pay rentals in Msasa, Harare.

A visit to the new studios by our Harare Bureau revealed that the studio located at Aquatic Complex was far from complete.

“You can’t get in because there are a lot of areas that need to be improved,” said Macheso.

He said people including the media would be allowed in on completion of the studio.


“We need to complete the refurbishment. As for now, we still have cables all over that need to be sorted,” he said.

However, insiders said Macheso only realised that most of the studio equipment was old when it was late.

“He needs new equipment because the band members advised Macheso to buy new instruments,” he said.

Asked if he had plans to buy the latest equipment, the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader was adamant saying the equipment was ready and in good condition.

“We’re not going to buy new equipment. We have the old equipment and the studio is there. The album is ready too,” he said.

The musician has been shifting goal posts on the new album since 2013. Last year he promised his fans that he would release it on Christmas Day, but nothing materialised. He also said he was setting up a new studio at his house in Waterfalls, but later moved to the Aquatic Complex.