Moana’s family in nasty fight over body

. . . Amuli walks away from funeral

‘. . . they said she’s not my daughter’

H-Metro Reporter

When H-Metro joined the funeral wake Tuesday morning, about 50 mourners were gathered at Moana’s mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga’s Highfield house.

Moanas mother talks to Amuli representatives


However, around 11am, Amuli and his relatives, most of whom were wearing Muslim attire, took their chairs outside for a caucus.

Ishmael Amuli

The parties failed to agree and a few minutes after the meeting, the Amuli’s started packing their belongings before driving off in about four vehicles that included a commuter omnibus.

When H-Metro asked him about the goings on at the funeral and how the plans were proceeding, he refused to be elaborate.


“Haaaa isu tadzingwa hatina zvatichakwanisa kutaura isu. Zvatombonzi mwana wacho haasi wangu,” he said and walked away before locking himself in a car which whisked him away.

Asked about the departure of the Amulis, Moana’s mother refused to comment.

“Handiti mangozvionawo zvaitika, handidi kutaura nezvazvo,” she said.

Earlier reports had said Amuli wanted to fine Genius’ family (the Kadungures) for causing his daughter’s death or else surrender the body to them.

There are high chances that this is what the two families fought over before Amuli walked away claiming he had been told Moana may not even be his daughter.-H – metro