Mugabe Never Made Any Mistakes During His Rule : President Mnangagwa
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Mugabe Never Made Any Mistakes During His Rule : President Mnangagwa

In an interview with a Russian news agency, Sputnik, President Emmerson Mnangagwa surprisingly said that his predecessor former president Robert Mugabe never made any mistakes during his rule.

Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg
Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Photo: Bloomberg

Mnangagwa had been asked to state one of the mistakes which Mugabe had made and which he wished to avoid making as head of state. His answer seems a bit surprising as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule has been styled as a “new dispensation” and a “new era” with a different way of doing things, implying that certain things were not working in the right way. Mnangagwa instead chose to blame Mugabe’s failings on the G40 Faction.

Here is an excerpt from the Interview.

Sputnik: And summarizing the political situation in your country now, in your opinion, what was the main mistake of the previous leadership, of president Mugabe, which you would not like to repeat?

A: No, the president never made any mistakes. There was a small cabal of individuals in the relationship around the first lady. Because the president is now quite advanced in age, they took advantage of his age, and we were having persons who were making executive decisions, which is against the constitution of the country. And our people reacted to people usurping power, which is not given to them by the constitution, so this was corrected by the masses of Zimbabwe.

Sputnik: The level of corruption grew pretty high during the time of President Mugabe…

A: With the new disposition, the new order, one of the primary issues that we’ve put forward is that we need zero corruption, we will not tolerate any corruption at all. I’m now about 54 days in power, and so many people now have been taken to court on the case of corruption. So it’s one of the things that we want to eradicate in our society, we want to have a clean society. People must work hard to earn their living, and we must provide those of talent, we must have the environment where people who have talent must be rewarded and become rich if they can, but properly and honestly.

More: You can read the full interview transcript here

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