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Mugabe Was Worse, Only A Few People Died Under Mnangagwa – Mutodi In Another Shocker

by reporter263
Energy Mutodi

Controversial Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has accused former President Robert Mugabe of hypocrisy after Mugabe condemned the violence and brutality taking place in the country. The former President said that Mnangagwa was not God and warned him that leadership was not about killing civilians. The former president who seems to have conveniently forgotten his role in the violence of the past called on soldiers to return to the barracks and to assume the role of protectors of the people and not terrorize civilians.

This did not go down well with Mutodi who is one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s biggest cheerleaders. He retorted by accusing Mugabe of killing untold numbers of people during Gukurahundi and the violent 2008 election runoff. Mnangagwa has been fingered as Mugabe’s main enforcer in both violent campaigns.

Mutodi also underplayed down the number of people who have been killed during protests and in the subsequent brutal government crackdown following the January fuel protests. According to Mutodi, only a few people died but according to non-governmental organisations and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, at least 17 people died while close to a hundred people were treated for gunshot wounds. Hundreds more were brutalised and soldiers were accused of raping and women during the crackdown.

Said Mutodi,

We have noted some words of repentance by former President Mugabe saying army must protect not kill. True that a few have lost lives in running battles with the police but that can not compare with Gukurahundi or the 2008 violence when he was at the helm.



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