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Mutasa, Mujuru want to dignify their exit from Zanu PF: war vets

by reporter263

mutasa1Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary general Victor Matemadanda said former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa is a war veteran who has gone wayward and his recent behaviour together with his former vice president Joice Mujuru faction want to leave Zanu PF in a dignified manner.
In an interview with the ZimbabweNewslive.com Matemadanda said noone will take the Mujuru group seriously after it was rejected by the people in the Central committee elections.
“If there is anyone taking them seriously then that will be their fault. Mutasa was rejected by his own people in Manicaland, so was Mujuru and former spokeperson Rugare Gumbo has never won an election in his Mberengwa home,” Matemadanda said.
“So it is unheard of for Mutasa to say everything that took place at the December congress is illigal and to make issues worse he was presiding over the raising of funds for that congress.”
“Mutasa was in charge of that congress. He only missed one politburo meeting and the actual congress due to family he problems.”
“What would have happened had he attended?”
Mutasa this week stunned the world when he wrote a statement declaring the proceedings of the Zanu PF congress null and void.
“We are pleased to address you on behalf of all the loyal members of ZANU (PF) who are determined to restore the image of our party. Needless to say, this is a response to the unprecedented and destructive events before, during and after the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” held unconstitutionally in December 2014, the summary expulsions and suspensions of loyal members and the imposition of party leadership by one person, effectively abandoning the “one-man-one-vote” that we fought for. This statement states our position and concerns and those of the members we are representing,” wrote Mutasa.
However Matemadanda said what Mutasa wrote shows how his group has run out of ideas and that they want to leave Zanu PF on a supposedly dignified way by saying this is what pushed them to leave the party.
“It is a shame when a person who was running the show wants to prentend that the results of that show are wrong simply because they do not favour his position,” he said.
“He cannot talk of the procedure of appointing the office bearers such as the vice presidents because that decision was made when he was still in charge and he wrote those minutes in the politburo meetings.”

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