Mutumwa Mawere blasts intellectually arrogant Prof Mutambara over Grace Mugabe

Mutumwa Mawere has attacked Arthur Mutambara  over his comments that Grace Mugabe is a political novice who can not lead Zimbabwe .

Writing on his Linkedin, he said:

“What is it about the design of life and it’s operation that would lead one to disqualify another in relation to the privilege and not a right to be elected as President.

What is a President? Is it not just another human being working on his life? There is no word in any constitution that makes this position merit-based yet all too often leadership illiteracy would seek to reframe this product of democratic and mechanical voting process into some consequence of an intellectual enterprise when its note.

It is intellectually arrogant to suggest that a state President must be qualified when such requirement does not exist and even if it did, it is not clear how the selection of such an human actor would or could be processed.

In terms of electoral politics, it is and should be self-evident that there should be no disability on Grace Mugabe being a President in as much as the road is open for Prof Mutambara to position himself without rating himself higher than any would be competitor.


It is the people who vote and there is no suggestion that qualified franchise would replace the current universal suffrage that is constitutionally premised. What does the above tell us? We need to invest in a better understanding of the process and harvest of democracy.”