Ndinyengeiwo Girl Speaks About Her New Reality Show, Love Life…
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Ndinyengeiwo Girl Speaks About Her New Reality Show, Love Life…

THE Ndinyengeiwo girl — Lorraine Guyo — who this year became a celebrity overnight after asking suitors to propose to her ahead of Valentine’s Day, will soon have a reality show of her own.

After a video clip of her asking men to propose to her as she did not want to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone went viral, some bashed her for the gesture not knowing she was in pursuit of an acting career and that the clip was a joke.

She was labelled a woman of loose morals and so bad was the situation that her employer — Meikles Hotel fired her. Little did they know that Lorraine who was passionate about acting, had recorded the clip and many others as comedy skits. Because of the backlash and additional controversy spiked by a nude video purported to be hers, Lorraine contemplated committing suicide.

The bashing was however a blessing in disguise as Lorraine attracted the attention of corporates like Steward Bank, clothing brand Jan Jam, Mambo’s Chicken and gadgets brand Avion that appreciated her skit and partnered her for their marketing. Fellow comedians like Madam Boss also partnered her for their skits which boosted her following. Thousands of people now appreciate her talent.

Lorraine has since opened a YouTube channel which is slowly gaining traction on social media. On the channel, she posts skits mostly about her day-to-day activities. She has also bagged an endorsement deal with a Dubai solar company showing that she is definitely doing something right with her brand.

Saturday Leisure’s Mthabisi Tshuma (MT) caught up with Lorraine Guyo (LG) to find out if she has regrets about the ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ video and if she has achieved her goal of pursuing an acting career. Below is the interview.

MT: You rose to stardom overnight. How have you managed that over the past months?

LG: At first it was so overwhelming but I have managed to live with the fame. This is mostly because of the support I’ve been receiving from my fans, friends and family.

MT: Do you have regrets about the ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ video?

LG: The skit, my alter ego, was a “genuine” joke. It was one of the many videos I’d recorded and it’s just that this one made its way to the public. I recorded this particular one as a joke for Valentine’s Day and sadly, there were people who didn’t understand that it was a joke and blew the whole issue out of proportion.

MT: Can you shed more light about your YouTube channel?

LG: The main storyline on my YouTube channel is about Lorraine being a tenant who is having an affair with the landlord for material benefits. Instead of having to look for a ‘blesser’, she has it all under one roof as the landlord is the one who takes care of her. As such, she doesn’t pay rent.

MT: How are people responding to the channel?

LG: My YouTube channel is doing well, averaging 50 000 views on each skit which I release every Monday. It’s been received well and proven to people that the Ndinyengeiwo skit was not my peak but a first page in my book of acting.

MT: Are you considering pursuing acting as a career?

LG: Definitely without doubt. I’m actually working on a reality television show and will reveal more about it later on when all is in place.

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MT: Recently you were appointed brand ambassador for a company in Dubai. How does that feel?

LG: Being a brand ambassador for SolEmirates — a solar company based in Dubai is quite amazing. It has opened more doors for me in the industry and will definitely be a factor in making the upcoming reality TV show a success.

MT: There are rumours that you are dating your manager, Thomas Chizhanje. Are you?

LG: No, we never said we’re dating. I prefer to keep my love life private and any comments about my love life are just assumptions.

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