Occupy Africa Unity Square Gathers Momentum In Harare

Occupy Africa Unity Square Gathers Momentum In Harare

Day 3 of our lunch hour whistling and hooting protests was a beauty. Quite significant numbers joined in and responded through whistling, waving and even screaming.10734110_401858726629302_2480671023066959793_n

Clearly more people are now aware of our protest and even backing it.
We once again traversed the length and breath of the Harare CBD, covering 15 streets during 45 minutes of action.
We were encouraged by increased numbers of motorists responding through hooting.
Today we also made it easier for people to identify our mission, as we displayed placards demanding enough clean water and improved service delivery from Harare City Council – which we had used earlier on when we delivered our petition at Town House.
The momentum is gathering and we shall increase our campaigns to raise awareness in order to get more people involved.
We are the people!
We are the numbers!
Let’s go!

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