Pokello Nare Explains How She Started Her Business Empire

Self-proclaimed Queen of Swagger and Former Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate `Pokello Nare has revealed how she started her business empire from the boot of her car.

The ‘Shoeprenuer’ said she started Pokello Pink Bottoms with a modest capital base of only 3000 USD with which she procured thirty pairs of high-end shoes. Because the shoes were upscale, when they sold out, her profit margin was as high as 150 percent and from then it was rinse and repeat.

During a question and answer session on her Instagram page, a follower asked her, ” How did you start your business and how much was your capital. Do you mind mentoring?”

She replied, “I started with 3000 USD. I then bought my first 30 pairs of shoes and sold them from the boot of my car. Because they were high end, the profit margins made it possible to multiply what I had started with almost by a factor of 2.5”Pokello REVEALS How She STARTED Her Business Empire!

She now has franchises in neighbouring African countries, ie, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. In another interview with Star FM she revealed that during her time at Monash University she would tutor first-year students to finance her love for shoes and fashion.

Hate or love her,  one thing you can’t take away from the Former Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate is that she is a marketing genius who knows brand positioning be it personal or her products.