Rapist Gets 20 More Years After Sodomising Inmate
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Rapist Gets 20 More Years After Sodomising Inmate

A PLUMTREE rapist serving a 22-year jail term for rape and indecent assault has  been sentenced to an additional 20 years after  he was found guilty of sodomising a fellow inmate.Obert Sibanda who was sentenced to 22 years in January 2011 for rape, aggravated indecent assault and assault, told senior regional magistrate Mark Dzira that although he was a convict, he was failing to control his sexual feelings.

“Your Worship, some of these things are beyond my control and though I know it was wrong to have anal sex with an inmate, it just happened. Some of these things are uncontrollable and surely this was not my doing,” said the 31-year-old father of one in mitigation.

Magistrate Dzira, however, rebuked him for showing no remorse and said he would add the five years suspended from his previous conviction to the latest sentence.

“When you were sentenced, five years were suspended and since it’s clear you don’t want to repent. I also caution you to try to control  your sexual feelings because you’ll end up spending the rest of your life in prison,” said Dzira.

He said he was under the impression that Sibanda would control himself since he was incarcerated.

“I thought the fact that you were in a cell was supposed to deter you from any offence but it’s clear you don’t want to reform. I’m not sure whether you enjoy prison life or you just can’t control your life,” said the magistrate.

He warned Sibanda to behave like a normal human being who is capable of achieving a lot in life.

“You’re sentenced to 15 years and we’ll add the five years which were suspended during your first conviction. In total you’re sentenced to 20 years and nothing will be suspended.”

According to the state, Sibanda sodomised two Khami Maximum Prison inmates aged 23 and 42.

Prosecuting, Tinashe Dzipe told the court that on August 29 last year, one of the prisoners woke up at around midnight and saw Sibanda sneaking out of his blankets.

He realised that he had been sodomised by Sibanda and immediately questioned him.

Sibanda reportedly apologised, but the man reported the matter to a prison officer who referred him to hospital. Investigations saw him being dragged to court.


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