Robert Mugabe Admits to Lying After Selfish Solomon Mujuru Set Geneva Hotel On Fire

Former President Robert Mugabe responding to questions regarding the mysterious death of Solomon Mujuru revealed that he lied to save him from arrest.

In an interview with the Independent, responding to a suggestion that   General Mujuru was killed by the military intelligence he said “No. Ah, he was a terrible guy. Very selfish. And a smoker. A smoker, I think this is what killed him. In Geneva (Switzerland), we burnt down a hotel and it was Mujuru again. Well, we managed to avoid trial, but it was his smoking that almost got us killed in a hotel. He was a careless smoker. An investigation established that the fire started in his room. But we denied it and said no no”

This paper will in due course try to establish the Hotel in question and get a statement.