Zanu-PF Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke yesterday warned private prosecutor, Charles Warara, who is handling his rape case to stay away from his wives. Kereke said he viewed Warara as “a threat” after he saw him speaking to his estranged wife outside court. While responding to a question that he loves women, Kereke advised Warara to stop poking his nose into his love life

“When the court adjourned the other day, I saw the private prosecutor and a journalist talking to my estranged wife,” said Kereke. “I advised her not to talk to Warara because it affects my case.” Warara asked why Kereke was angry that he talked to his ex-wife.

“Stay away from my girl. There’s a possibility of reconciliation because we haven’t finalised divorce. You’re a threat. You might end up attracted to her and fornicating. “All men do love women. Love is a key feature of existence and you’re even one of them,” said Kereke. Warara told Kereke that he felt threatened after seeing him talking to his ex-wife because he knew he had skeletons in his cupboards.

Warara asked why Kereke had multiple sexual partners, and he said his religion and the Constitution allows polygamy. “You abuse the complainants in the guise of being playful (chiramu),” said Warara. Kereke replied that his faith does not allow fondling of breasts.

“Fondling breasts, kissing and body contact is called gwiti, it’s a sinful act which leads to banishment from the church. You can only do that to someone you have married. The only thing allowed is a handshake,” replied Kereke.

Warara told Kereke that he joined the church after the rape and started growing a beard. Kereke told the court that he joined Johanne Marange apostolic sect in 2009 before the alleged rape.

“My latest wife loves the beard and at church we’re allowed to grow it,” said Kereke much to the amusement of the gallery. “I feel comfortable in it and my beard is as important as my arm.” The private prosecutor concluded his cross-examination and Kereke’s lawyer Erum Mutandiro will re-examine him before calling their witnesses to bolster their defence case.

Kereke pleaded not guilty to rape and indecent assault charges, saying the allegations were politically motivated and meant to tarnish his image. He is accused of raping his 10-year-old niece at gun point in 2010. This was after Kereke allegedly indecently assaulted the complainant’s sister who was 15 years at the time.