Home Crime & Courts Susan Mutangadura who kicked hubby ‘s private parts acquitted of domestic violence charges

Susan Mutangadura who kicked hubby ‘s private parts acquitted of domestic violence charges

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Susan Mutangadura

ZIMBABWE Stock Exchange chief executive Alban Dhladhla Chirume’s estranged wife, Susan Mutangadura, was yesterday acquitted of domestic violence charges. Harare magistrate Ms Nomsa Sabarauta ruled that it was impossible for Mutangadura to have assaulted Chirume while seated precariously on a precast wall.Said Ms Sabarauta: “Physically men are stronger than women. This is not to say the court does not appreciate that men can be physically abused by women. However, in this particular instance, I find it difficult to comprehend that Mutangadura was trying to maintain a balance so that she would not fall at the same time seriously assaulting Chirume.

“Due to the manner in which the incident was done and the bad relations existing between the parties, I am not convinced as to the genuineness of the complainant’s reports in this regard.”

Ms Sabarauta added that it was impossible for Mutangadura to kick Chirume on his privates, considering her height and the way she was seated on the precast wall.

Chirume laid counter charges against Mutangadura after she reported him for domestic violence.

Prosecuting, Mr Richard Makondo alleged that on January 3 this year at around 9pm, Chirume was at his house at No. 41 Harare Drive in Borrowdale when Mutangadura parked her car outside.

Mutangadura tried to scale over the precast security wall to enter into the yard.


A security guard manning the premises called Chirume who found Mutangadura already seated on the edge of the wall.

Chirume held Mutangadura’s legs with the intention of stopping her from entering the yard.

She started attacking him, it was alleged.

It was alleged she punched him several times on the head, left eye, pinched him on both ears and bit him on both arms.

The court heard that Mutangadura kicked Chirume on the privates and insulted him, saying he had no balls.

She allegedly picked a stick and tried to poke his eyes.

The court heard that Mutangadura was screaming during the attack prompting their neighbours, a Mr and Mrs Chigodora, to intervene.

Chirume and Mutangadura were invited to their neighbour’s home where they discussed the matter.

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