The return of Rozalla Miller

United Kingdom-based musician Farhaan “Kazz” Khan of the Bkay and Kazz fame is back on the local music scene with a new single that features yesteryear music sensation Rozalla Miller.The duo teamed up to make the song “Shaking Through the Night” that was produced by Germany-based Peter Schanz of R&S Entertainment group.

Speaking on the collaboration, Kazz had this to say:

“I was absolutely delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Rozalla. She is such a big inspiration to me. She has carried our flag high for us in the Diaspora and I hope I will be able to do the same,” he said.

He described the track as one that had a fresh pop sound which could have listeners dancing the night away.

Together with his brother Bkay, Kazz rocked the local entertainment scene at the turn of the millennium during their short stint before relocating to the united Kingdom.

Notable songs from the pair include “Hello” with Decibel, “Mercy”, “See You at the Top”, “Amina Kadeya” and “Seven Wonders” among others.


While Miller could not be reached for comment, her various posts on social media indicated that she was equally excited about the week-old single.

Known as the queen of rave music, Miller shot to fame in 1991 with the single “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”.

The song was a bestseller, reaching the top 10 in numerous countries across the world.

To date, it is remains a rave classic and is regarded as one of the most influential dance songs.

She followed it up with a series of other hit singles and four albums.

The fourth album however, had less dance-oriented songs. It was more soul, jazz, and RnB influenced before she disappeared from the radar again. The new song with Kazz, however, proves Miller still has what it takes to blaze up the 21st century club scene.

She is still a free spirit, judging from her tone and lyrics, a trait that complements her collaboration with the youthful Kazz.