Thomas Mapfumo speaks on #Thisflag: Mugabe biggest thief(Video)


Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo says President Robert Mugabe is the biggest thief in Zimbabwe and described his rule as worse than that of Ian Smith.

Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo
Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo
Smith led a rebel racist government from 1965 to 1979, when negotiations led to majority rule following a bloody war for independence.

Mapfumo, wearing the Zimbabwean flag that has become a symbol of protest, was speaking in a new video that has gone viral online.

“You went to war to liberate the country but you are now worse than (Ian) Smith. You must be ashamed of yourself,” said Mapfumo in reference to Mugabe and his lieutenants.

Speaking mostly in Shona, he said he stood for the oppressed poor and urged the Mugabe government to respect the will of the majority.


“Don’t mess with the people. They will revolt against you and you will be removed from power,” said Mapfumo.

He bemoaned the economic crisis that Zimbabwe is grappling with and blamed it entirely on the government.

“Our country is now infiltrated by fake revolutionaries who don’t have the people at heart and when I said Mugabe is a dictator, his people threatened me. Where are those that threatened me now?” said Mapfumo.

He accused Mugabe and his cronies of causing the current cash crisis, saying they were being encouraged by the president’s corrupt tendencies.

“People are troubled. There is no money. Mugabe’s people have stolen it and stashed it away in offshore accounts. We Know that.

“You, President (Mugabe) are the biggest thief. Your juniors are stealing because they know you are the biggest thief and you will not do anything to them. You have destroyed the country,” stated Mapfumo.

He saluted Evan Mawarire, the pastor who recently mobilised Zimbabweans to protest against corruption and the economic crisis through his sensational #ThisFlag campaign.

Mawarire was last week arrested and taken to court for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government but a Harare magistrate threw out the case.

Mugabe on Tuesday rapped Mawarire, who has since left the country, saying he was being sponsored by external forces and had no place in Zimbabwe.

“God bless you (Mawarire). We are with you and don’t be intimidated because the majority of the people is behind you. Continue with the struggle because we want the dictatorship to die,” said Mapfumo.

The legendary musician took a swipe at war veterans, who he said must not be crying foul that Mugabe is now victimising them since they were his foot soldiers and made him their patron. Nehanda Radio