Toky Vibes Speaks On Stunner’s ‘cheap labour’ Rant

Zimbabwean Dancehall man of the moment Obey  “Tocky Vibes ” Makamure said artists have a right to choose a way to make a living.

Tocky (21), was speaking  on Zimbolive TV Tuesday  ahead of his UK show billed for this weekend after a host had asked  that Stunner has lashed out at fellow artists who are selling themselves short by offering to perform on local and international tours for peanuts.

“Zvakangofanana nemusika(It’s just like a market place), people have to sell at a price of their choice to earn a living and survive competition”, he said.

Writing on his Facebook fan page the “Godo” and Team Hombe” hit maker sought to explain why his fans were not seeing him on international shows of late. He said as a “professional” he was charging what he thinks he is worth but then;

“Behind the scenes there comes these one or two hit boys and they offer to perform for free or next to nothing. You can’t really blame the promoter kana paita cheap labor,” Stunner wrote on Sunday.

“Well my good friends, I hope this works well for you in your music careers but just in case you were wondering why you never get to wear the gold chains, Gucci, Prada, Armani suits or get to go on actual tours, have a fly girl on your arm, or give away Jordan’s coz you have worn them in a music video.

 “That is the reason, muri mboko boys dzangu and you r killing the industry. Why would you sell yourself cheap like that? Respect yourselves and your art my friends,” Stunner added.

In further exchanges with fans Stunner went on to say “I know for a fact that Diana Samkange was dropped when another artist offered to sing for free last week and I know another artist that is being paid $200 to sing at the AKA show , he offered.”

“Diana got a gig to sing at one of the Presidential celebrations before she was paid she got a call from the office saying another artist had said she could do it for free. This is not about kunyora na this music thing ain’t a hobby, this is real life. What that artist did was fu..d up and I’m super pissed. If they want to sing for free ngavaende muna first street.”

“I remember when we would unite nana winky D , Roki , Sniper and discuss the new figures for performance but I guess this is what happens when we get a lot of mediocre in the industry. Ndicharamba ndichisasa until ie Ras Pomby akupihwa mari inokwana coz anorova ngoma,” Stunner said in more responses to questions.

Other points raised by Stunner:

“This is not a hate topic but it’s to better our working ways. Promoters are using us in the name of I’m doing it for you.”