UK: Company director stabbed to death
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UK: Company director stabbed to death

A MOTHER of two was found stabbed to death at her London home – directly opposite the house of a father jailed last week for killing a prostitute after a botched penis enlargement.

Company director Emily Munemo’s body was discovered just yards from the house of twisted killer Michael Wenham who was Saturday jailed for life for killing a prostitute.

Police were called to the house in Hillingdon, London, following reports of a stabbing and paramedics were sent out but could not save Munemo’s life.

She died around an hour after their arrival.

Murder detectives have swept the house for clues and a 35-year-old man was arrested in Hayes on suspicion of murder – and was being quizzed by officers at a West London Police station.

A police spokesman confirmed inquiries were still ongoing, but it is not believed the attack was linked to Wenham’s trial.

Police forensic teams dressed in white overalls were seen at the £305,000 two storey house.

Company director and health worker Emily Munemo set up Muney Ltd in October 2012 and ran the business from her home, where she had lived since 2008.

Within hours of Menemo’s death, her neighbour Michael Wenham was jailed for gruesomely murdering young prostitute Karolina Nowikiewicz.

Father of three Wenham nearly decapitated Nowikiewicz with a knife in a ‘chilling and brutal’ attack based on a gory horror film after a botched penis enlargement operation left his genitals two inches smaller.

A judge heard Wenham, aged 36, had flown to the USA for a £15,000 penis enlargement operation, but the botched surgery resulted in it shrinking by two inches and he flew out for a second operation a month before the attack.

The bisexual also had fantasies about becoming a serial killer and had his wife of eight years Dawn, aged 34, humiliate him by saying how small his penis was.

The killing closely resembled the climax to the film, in which a group of American backpackers are lured into an eastern European hotel and tortured.

An expert psychologist told the court he believed that Wenham’s overactive libido had been transformed into a homicidal rage because he was unable to satisfy his sexual desires following the failed operation.


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