UK:Zim Nurse Pulled 87-Year-Old Dementia Patient Out Of Her Chair

A care home nurse pulled an 87-year-old dementia patient off a chair by the arm and said ‘how can you sit there with your p–sy hanging out?’, a tribunal heard.cnl_maureen_tavengwa3-e1473855627590

Maureen Tavengwa made the remark at The Angela Grace Care Centre in Northampton before forcefully walking the resident to her room, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

John Bentley, for the NMC, said: ‘A referral was made to the NMC following an incident on 2 January 2015 involving an Allegations :

That you whilst employed as a Registered Nurse at The Angela Grace Care Centre:


a) Grabbed Resident A by her arm;


b) Pulled Resident A off the chair she was sitting on;

c) Said to Resident A ‘how can you sit there with your pussy hanging out?’ or words to that effect.

d) Forcefully walked Resident A to her room
And in light of the above, your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of your misconduct.